brainstorming meetings online

Who we are

Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics is one of the institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences.

Despite the "Nuclear" name we actually deal with all the different fields of physics from particles and astroparticles, through nuclear physics, condensed matter, and theoretical physics, to the applications of physics, and interdisciplinary research. We are also engaged in the application of cyclotrons in science and tumor radiotherapy in our Cyclotron Centre Bronowice. We participate in many international collaborations.

The challenge

When we were organizing 2nd Belle II Theory Interface Platform, (a joint theory-experiment workshop to study the potential impacts of the Belle II program), we needed to broadcast the plenary session and many parallel working group sessions as well, to the remote participants in a way they could speak up during discussions and even present their talks like being personally at the conference place.

The internet connection was almost saturated by 120 participants, thus there was very little left for the broadcasting.

The solution

SpeakApp was the only system that allowed us to tackle the limited bandwidth while at the same time delivering the workshop look & feel to the remote attendees.

The speakers presented their slides (uploaded beforehand by the workshop attendants) using SpeakApp as a PDF viewer. Thus the remote participants could follow the presentation as easily as the local audience, and see it in the same high quality.

At first, we got some problems with our presentation remote control device, but the SpeakApp team fixed it fast. They also adapted the user interface to our customs, making it very intuitive and fool-proof.

Since then we use SpeakApp basically all the time and we are very satisfied.