Simple and Intuitive

Just click on the link to join a meeting! You don't have to install anything nor study the user guide.

You only need a web browser and — obviously — an Internet connection.

Perfect Presentation

Present your slides, just as you would do in a conference room. Use "laser pointer," or draw attention by simply drawing on the slides.

SpeakApp can automatically fetch slides from Confluence or Indico.

HD Screen Sharing

Stream the content of your screen with High Definition.

Don't want to share the whole screen? Choose the application window you want to broadcast.

Highest Quality

Experience amazingly clear voice combined with crisp and scalable slides, a perfect match for any remote presentation.

Use it on the go

Not in the office nor at home during the meeting? No problem! Use your phone or tablet.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Always there when you need it.

Money back, if we fail.

We power meetings for international collaborations

... and make people happy :-)

I've used many video conferencing systems and the only one that just works out of the box, is easy to use (from the perspective of the organizer of the meeting and the participant), and works all the time, every time is the @SpeakApp_link.

With the robust and simple SpeakApp system we can communicate efficiently and just focus on our work ... It is clear that the developers understand what the community needs due to their own scientific background ...

SpeakApp was the only system that allowed us to tackle the limited bandwidth while at the same time delivering the workshop look & feel to the remote attendees. Since then we use SpeakApp basically all the time and we are very satisfied.

We've tried many other systems, and SpeakApp has been both the most robust so far, and the one with the best interface for slide sharing ...

Just perfect. We use speakapp daily now.

No need to download terrible clients: browser only (works on all platforms I've tried). No waisted bandwidth on video. Can draw on slides. Simple, clean UI, no clutter.

@SpeakApp_link is a bless of God! This is main conferencing tool for software group at @belle2collab and we couldn't be more happy. (I couldn't be more happy)

Fast and reliable solution for remote meetings!

What are you waiting for?

It's free for meetings up to 7 participants.

Try SpeakApp Now

And you gonna love it! If not, just contact us and we'll fix it ASAP.

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