Highest Quality

Low latency and excellent quality audio combined with crisp and scalable slides suitable for remote presentations.

Optimized Network Traffic

Despite Highest Quality, SpeakApp requires only about 100 kbps of network bandwidth (in the most common scenario).

Slides and Screen Sharing

You can share your slides with full resolution or share your screen with High Definition.

Popular Integrations

Slides posted on the Confluence or Indico meeting page are automatically available in SpeakApp.

Simple Pricing

No plans, no hussle. Not using? Not paying! Pay-as-you-go.

Unlimited Concurrent Meetings

You can schedule as many meetings as you want in the overlaping time range.

Simple and Intuitive

SpeakApp is not a new puzzle to solve. It is the solution to help you discuss real puzzles.

Always Up to Date

Since it is a web app, you do not have to install and update it. You just need a web browser.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Always there when you need it.

Money back, if we fail.

Try it free

And you will love it! If not, just contact us and we will try to fix it.